GlungezerParks by headbud

The Snowpark Glungezer in Winter

 A park developed by free skiers for free skiers and snowboarders. This is also our slogan for our second season. With four different terrains, of which three are served by the Schartenkogel lift and one by the lower Halsmarterlift, there awaits a snow park that appeals both to beginners and to advanced/expert skiers. We have selected the rails and boxes in such a way that most variations are possible to make the park interesting and diversified.

You can look forward to a creative park where you have plenty of fun and great opportunities to learn new tricks. Have fun!

Behind this project is the Headbud crew, which grew up on the Glunzeger, where the roots of Austrian free skiing were set down more than 10 years ago. Nowadays we are well known for our distinctive free skiing films and for camps and coaching sessions for young people. We take pleasure in putting our ideas and wishes into practice in order to create a park for you on the Glungezer. Your Headbud team consists of Luggi Brucic, Hari Richter and Andi Prugger.


Video: A day at - Glungezer Parks

Further details about the Glungezer Parks:


Pro line

6m down pipeline,
4m butterbox,
5m downwall, 6,7m candlenbox,
12m kinked elbow,
6m up kinkedbox,
5m down pipeline,
7m jib tank,
8m roofbox.
....all in one line!!!!
Easy line
5m downrail,
6m mailbox,
6m downbox.
Kids line
4m straight box,
4m rainbow,
4m kinked box